Palestine In Pictures 

First Photos Of The Holy Land
Source: "First Photographs of the Holy Land" by Ely Schiller
Copyright © 1979, Ely Schiller.
Prepared by David Hershkowitz

Israel Through Photographs
Examples of Schiller's pictures: including Al-Aqsa Mosque--run down.
Arutz Sheva, November 15, 2007

Who Do The Territories Belong To?
The video, with English subtitles, is from The Yesha Council, which has put together other videos as well, in Hebrew.


History of the Jews of Jerusalem

The Land of Israel and Jerusalem in 1900
Correcting Misconceptions--by scholars and laymen alike
The Free Library

The Myth of Arab Innocence
A review of the systemic, juridical oppression, exploitation, in Islamic society--including of Jews in Jerusalem
by Elliott A. Green
History News Network, December 1, 2008

France and the Jewish Heritage in Jerusalem
France has interests in the Holy City other than "peace" between Jews and Arabs
by Elliott A. Green
Midstream (New York) July-August 2005

History of the West Bank (Yehuda and Shomron) and Gaza

What Occupation?
Few subjects have been falsified so thoroughly as the recent history of the West Bank and Gaza.
by Professor Efraim Karsh
Originally in Commentary Magazine, July/August 2002

Occupation and Settlement: The Myth and Reality
Viewing the history of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in their broader context
by David Meir-Levi
Frontpagemag.com, June 24, 2005


History of Hebron

What Happened in Hebron?
Considering the settlements on the 80th anniversary of a massacre
By Seth Lipsky
Tablet, Aug 19, 2009


Simon’s Tomb and Jewish Refugees
Shimon HaTzaddik vs. Sheikh Jarrah
By Elliott A. Green
Jerusalem Post, December 15, 2010


Declaration of War – On the History of the Eastern Question
In which Karl Marx notes that the majority of the population of Jerusalem is Jewish
By Karl Marx
New-York Herald Tribune 1854


Palestine Betrayed
by Efraim Karsh

Reviewed by Daniel Pipes
National Review
May 17, 2010


The Qur'an Agrees With Zionism
According to the Quran:
  • Allah made a covenant with the Sons of Israel
  • Allah assigned the Holy Land to the Jews
  • Allah settled the Jews in a Blessed Land
  • The Jews will come back to their Land from dispersion
by Emet m'Tsion