BACKGROUNDER: Jewish Settlements and the Media
by Ricki Hollander
CAMERA, October 5, 2001


Misuse of Terms

Judea, Samaria, and "Occupied Lands"
On the abuse and misleading use of the term "occupied"
Hugh Fitzgerald
Originally posted Nov. 9, 2005; reposted in New English Review, March 4, 2013

The Cognitive War Against Israel in the Settlement Debate
Richard L Cravatts
Times of Israel, July 13, 2012


Rebutting Peace Now

UPDATE: Peace Now Map Based Only on Palestinian Claims
by Alex Safian, PhD
CAMERA, December 2, 2006

Peace Now’s Blunder: Erred on Ma'ale Adumim Land by 15,900 Percent
by Alex Safian, PhD
CAMERA, March 16, 2007

Israeli Court: Peace Now Lied, Must Pay Now
by Alex Safian, PhD
CAMERA, December 23, 2008



The Famous Palestine Disappearing Map

The map that lies - and one that doesn't
Rebutting the anti-Israel map that claims to show Israel taking Arab land over the years
by Elder of Ziyon

Beyond Belief: Political Propaganda in the Anglican Church.
Tracing the origin of these bogus maps
by CiF Watch

The maps of disappearing Palestine
Discusses the misleading comparisons made by these now famous maps
by Yaacov Lozowick's Ruminations

The History of The Conflict As Flat Atlas
Another case of confusing Arab-owned land in "Palestine" with land owned by Ottoman Empire
by My Right Word

Palestinian Land Loss Narrative
Addressing the same hoax
Zionism & Israel Information Center

General Issue of Land and Maps

The Land Question in Palestine
Who owned what land in Palestine?
Zionism & Israel Information Center


Zionist Quotes

Fake Zionist Quotes
Scattered around the Web are numerous pages of "Zionist Quotes" that show Zionism as an evil, racist conspiracy. Many of the quotes are forgeries, hoaxes and inventions. The quotes were fabricated to discredit Israel, Zionism or Jews. not to inform or enlighten anyone
Zionism and Israel Information Center

Anti-Zionist Quotes
Real quotes from "anti-Zionists." Judge for yourself: Is all anti-Zionism legitimate criticism of Israel or is much of it racist anti-Semitism??
Zionism and Israel Information Center

Real Zionist Quotes
Real "Zionist quotes"--quotes about Zionism from both Zionists and non-Zionists, given as much as possible in the original context.
Zionism and Israel Information Center