Essential Reading

The End of Zionism?
The ideology that built the State of Israel has given way to a Post-Zionism that sanctifies Jewish disempowerment.
by Yoram Hazony
Azure No. 1
Summer 5756 / 1996

Israel without Apology
by Sol Stern
City Journal
Summer 2003

How important is the PLO?
by Daniel Pipes
April 1983

Why Israel can't take bold steps for peace
by Conor Cruise O'Brien
Atlantic Monthly
October 1985

Making Excuses for Ramallah
How--and why--the press tried to explain away a lynching.
by Scott Shuger
Wall Street Journal
October 26, 2000

The philosopher of Islamic Terror
by Paul Berman
New York Times Magazine
March 23, 2003

The roots of Muslim Rage
by Bernard Lewis
Atlantic Magazine
September 1990

When Innocents are the Enemy
by Michael Kelly

Whoever Blesses them
The intifada and its defenders.
by Larry Miller
Weekly Standard
April 22, 2002

The God that did not fail
by Martin Peretz
The New Republic
September 8, 1997 / September 15, 1997

At last Zion
by Charles Krauthammer
The Weekly Standard
May 11, 1998