What Palestinian People?

A People That Never Existed in History Needs a Useful Past
(Review-article on the notion of a "Palestinian people," specifically referring to the book published in English and Hebrew editions: Baruch Kimmerling and Joel Migdal, The Palestinians: Making of a People (New York: Free Press, 1993). Barukh Kimmerling & Yoel Shmuel Migdal, HaPalestinim: `Am b'Hivatsruto (Yerushalayim: Keter, 1999).)
by Elliott A Green
Featured on Binyamin Netanyahu's Website

"Palestine's first civic orchestra"--when Palestinian meant Jewish
Time Magazine, January 4, 1937

"Palestine" never truly existed as a country, as a geo-political entity that promoted a special culture, a unique ethos, that generated a national identity and, of course, never in any legal form did it exist even under centuries of Muslim rule.

The myth of Arab state of Palestine
By Jeff Jacoby
Israel Insider, December 16, 2001